Payment Methods

Cash On Delivery

Step 1: After ordering successfully, customers will receive our order confirmation information via email. Information on orders will be available in email. Customers need to keep it when necessary.

Step 2: Our customer care workers will contact our customers by phone to advise on products as well as confirm order information, addresses and delivery times and payment methods.

Step 3: Delivery staff will contact customers by phone to schedule the time before delivery.

Step 4: At the receiver, customers check the order and product again before signing to confirm the delivery notes.

When receiving goods, customers should pay attention to:

  • Open the package and compare goods with delivery notes
  • Keep the product to check if the product is correct for the customer ordered
  • Check if the packaging and product are corrupted due to the shipping process
  • If you are not satisfied with 1 of 3 out of 3 on, customers can request delivery staff to confirm and return the item.
  • Please refer to the Return Policy of Bestcare.Info here: Refund Policy